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We Provide Quality Décor Services for Commercial & Residential Properties in Georgia

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Plaid Planet Design

Make your interiors the best with Plaid Planet Design. We primarily furnish commercial properties and sometimes also cater to the furnishing needs of residential properties. We are based in Georgia and offer consults with businesses for furniture and furnishing needs.

We offer furniture that is designed specifically, keeping in mind the requirements of a business. Our furniture is built from the finest materials and engineered to serve specific commercial needs.

Furniture Consulting Services

At Plaid Planet Design, we work collaboratively to identify and understand our customers’ furniture requirements. By applying our capabilities and practical experience, we ensure they get what they want through their furnishing needs.

Plaid Planet Design

Unique Product Designs

Our premier service and excellent product design set us apart from the other furnishing companies. We provide quality cabinets and closet systems that utilize only the finest materials.

Plaid Planet Design

Customized Furniture

Our ability and the experience to custom configure your office furniture make Plaid Planet Design a popular choice. Our cabinets come in multiple wood grains and colors. We’re your trusted source for custom cabinets and closet systems.

Plaid Planet Design
Plaid Planet Design

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